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About Ross

Ross is a 25-year veteran of the financial services industry and a Certified Financial Planner PractitionerTM for over a decade. He has truly enjoyed seeing the creation and maintenance of comfortable retirements for thousands of people and has spent the last half of his career specializing in the improvement of the financial literacy of municipal employees.

Ross holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the State University of New York College at Geneseo.  Having majored in Communication with a Minor in Finance, Ross is one of those people who improves upon his education (and that of others) every day by effectively communicating about people's finances.

He has produced over 2,000 comprehensive personal financial plans and their related recommendations. He is one of those special, highly experienced persons who truly enjoys getting the calculator out, doing the math, and helping people allocate assets within their portfolios as efficiently as possible.

Aside from loving the numbers and research involved with the financial services industry, Ross is a sports fan, plays tennis from time to time, is beloved by almost every dog in the world (this happens when one carries treats), and likes trying new restaurants (nothing spicy).

Ross D. Emmer, CFP®

Services & Fees

We provide a full range of advisory services for less affect on your bottom line than traditional advisors may charge to handle one specific area.

Recommendations and portfolio management are as varied from one client to the next in as much as each person is completely different.

Working directly with you, our advisors can consult with you, in person, and travel directly to you for a fixed hourly rate.

Cost for Stand-Alone Active Asset Management

Fee Structure

0.48%     $0 – $149,999
0.96%     $150k – $499,999
0.84%     $500k – $999,999
0.72%     $1mil – $1,999,999
0.60%     $2mil – $2,999,999
0.48%     $3mil+

Please refer to your Investment Management Agreement and our ADV Firm Brochure for specific details regarding fees

Fees are charged monthly in arrears, based on the average daily balance of the previous month.  An average balance of $495,182 on month and $516,009 the next would see the initial 8 basis point charge drop to 7.

Fee Calculator

Use to determine what your comprehensive planning fee might be.


Hourly, One-Time Planning, and Speaking Engagements

$180 / hour

2 Hour Minimum, if any travel is required.
Web Meetings have a 1 Hour Minimum.
Hours can be prepaid and hours unused are good for the next 12 months.

6+ hours purchased get a 15% discount.
This discount can be applied retroactively. Those wishing to have a written, stand-alone financial plan and its related recommendations will work with the Advisor to define the scope of their engagement (usually between 5 and 15 hours).

Booking one of our advisors as a speaker comes at the hourly rate. Travel to/from the event is billed as part of the hourly and the discount does apply. Accommodations, if necessary, will be handled by the host organization.

Practices & Beliefs

By putting our customers first and removing self-interest, Full Picture Financial really CLICKs with clients:



Not just listening but "hearing" the client and making recommendations aligned with their specific situation and designing personal strategies together from the ground up.


Leveraging Technology

This speeds along the analysis process and helps provide quick feedback while increasing accuracy and providing access for the client to view accounts and make changes at will.



There is no compensation from products or joint marketing with organizations making us beholden to a product which could compromise the integrity of solutions presented to you.



Not only is the education individual to your current situation and needs, recommendations and portfolio management are as varied from one client to the next in as much as each person is completely different.



Always in motion, we will never rest on our laurels and accept common methods to be the only way of accomplishing your goals. As your portfolio will constantly be tended to, the information you receive and choices presented will be current and fresh.

A Comprehensive Approach To Financial Management:

While we can help with portfolio management or general consultation, we prefer to take a more Comprehensive approach and move beyond the transactional base you may have established elsewhere. We provide a full range of advisory services for less affect on your bottom line than traditional advisors may charge to handle one specific area.

Availability & Timeliness:

We believe in Availability and Timeliness ... Our advisors have no need to manage hundreds of clients or shoehorn meetings into 1-hour sessions every few months. We return all calls within 24 hours and are typically able to make face-to-face meetings within 72 hours or less.

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