What Makes Us Special?

Thorough & Extensive Knowledge, with Over Two Decades of Experience

Are We Your Right Fit?

We are not under the illusion that quality is at all related to quantity...

First: No advisor with FPF will ever have primary responsibility for on-going service of more than eighty households. More than that compromises our time to answer questions, manage portfolios, and research the issues affecting your financial success and disseminate the information through the most effective channels.

Second: The size of a client's asset base will never dictate the level of service they receive.

What We Are Not

One Size Fits All
Each portfolio we build is individual to that household. There are no generic portfolios or pre-set formulas.

Our Advisors have been serving the investing public for over two decades and have held diverse responsibilities within the financial services industry.

We do not have sales goals, formal projections, or quotas. Everybody running the firm is licensed and those advising have advanced industry credentials. We do not spend more time reading books on how to sell than enhancing knowledge on industry topics and improving the lives of our clients.

Dismissive of Your ideas
Over the years, plenty of people have asked my opinion on the role precious metals plays in a portfolio, how a small-cap stock or other tips they’ve received fits in their plan, or how the upcoming marijuana legislation might affect opportunities for profit. With our unique FPF Investment Policy Statements and Net Worth + Income Retainer set-up, it is easier to focus on the client and never have a conflict of interest in providing unbiased information in accordance with these, and other, questions.

What We Are

We represent no product or pre-built portfolio nor do we limit our recommendations to the one best suiting our needs when several solutions exist.

The principals of the firm have been licensed for many years and those currently advising clients maintain advanced, industry-recognized designations.

Believers in Education
Those retaining us for comprehensive financial planning will benefit from a personalized curriculum built to improve understanding of the broad scope of financial issues facing them now and in the future. Self-study materials will be made available through links on this site.

Sensitive to Your Tax Situation
We have no proprietary formula or pre-built portfolios to which we automatically move your assets, possibly causing unnecessary taxable events.

Ready to Act as a Second Opinion
Since we focus on total financial well-being, people can choose to involve us in comprehensive planning and asset management or work with us to identify opportunities for improvement and work on their own or with someone else to resolve them.

What Sets Us Apart?

Our Advisors have been serving the investing public for over 2 decades.

Providing a comprehensive, customized and collaborative experience from the time we first engage, there will be a free exchange of ideas, proactive education to answer most questions before they arise, and constant review and presentation of tips to improve your financial standing.

Thoroughness of Offering

You can expect the planning to go beyond basics and for technology to be engaged to make access to your accounts and analysis easier.

Availability and Timeliness

A concierge-like experience awaits with an Advisor who has the time to consult when needed.

True Expertise

You'll have industry veterans leveraging many years of work behind-the-scenes and with clients to create a program to improve your financial efficiency.

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