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Comprehensive Personal Financial Planning

Eliciting the right discussions to bring the future into focus

  • Together, we collaborate on a vision for your future through in-depth conversations about a wide range of topics and review all documents related to your current financial position.
  • After processing the information provided, a plan is created to quantify the goals, identify pitfalls to success, and possibly enhance potential outcomes.
  • We review the findings and make final alterations before we begin solving outstanding issues and taking full advantage of identified strengths.
  • A Customized Educational Curriculum is embarked upon to help each client achieve the peace of mind associated with fully understanding his/her options for improving cash flow, financial position, exposure to risk, and, ultimately, chance at exceeding stated objectives.
  • We spend the requisite time to create a Personalized Investment Policy Statement and manage investable assets as appropriate (see Actively Managed Portfolios for more info).
  • Clients can update the goals and assumptions or just monitor the progress of their financial plan at their leisure through an Internet portal available 24/7.
  • The Advisor will be updating the online plan on a regular basis and will share findings at scheduled reviews.
  • As desired by the client(s), family members are brought in the loop on matters of cross-affectation and are welcome to ask questions pertaining to their own situation under strict confidence.

Actively Managed Portfolios

Governed by a Personalized Investment Policy Statement

  • The purpose of this exercise is to manage the portfolio as the clients would if they had the time, interest, and/or information the advisor possesses.
  • Either through the financial planning process or the Retirement Quick Sheet, the rate of return needed from your portfolio is determined; this helps us funnel down to the appropriate level of aggression to balance Equity versus Fixed Income positions in accordance with needs and personal preferences.
  • The PIPS will help guide the discussion with regard to ways your portfolio has been constructed and will be augmented in preparation for its intended future use.
  • This provides the Advisor with the opportunity to educate on the differences between individual securities like (Common Stock and Bonds) and packaged products (like ETFs and open-end or closed-end Mutual Funds).
  • You’ll be able to design your own strategy to have the portfolio work for you in up/down markets.
  • It will bring about discussion on ancillary portfolio options of hedging and sector investing.
  • Your investment policy will take your tax bracket and personal preferences into consideration when placing investments for income versus capital gains in different account types.
  • Once the policy is created, your portfolio will undergo daily monitoring and semi-annual re-balancing.
  • With all the information, designing a withdrawal policy to meet income needs and manage current and future tax liability will be stress-free.
  • Due to the number of permutations the clients’ answers provided and the vastness of quality investment choices available, no two clients will have the same portfolio as one another.

Financial Education

Topics include but are not limited to:

Cash Flow Management: Enhance Your Budgeting Prowess and Find Ways to Create More Wealth for Future Use

Debt Management: Address Use of Credit and Loans to Take Advantage of the System and Understand the Impact of Future Large Purchases or Sales on Other Facets of Your Life

Personal Risk Management: Understand Coverages Provided by Your Policies (Property, Liability, Disability, Life, and Long-Term Care) and the Most Efficient Ways to Cover Deficiencies

Workplace Benefits: Make Sure You Know the Ins-and-Outs of the Programs Being Offered (like insurances, retirement programs, spending accounts, et al) and Their Best Use

Income Tax Planning: Make Optimal Use of Your Tax Bracket, Understand Roth Accounts, Make Better Use of Your Business (if self-employed), Have a Personal Update on How Tax Law Changes Will Affect Your Bottom-Line


Social Programs: Secure Information Pertaining to Your Personal Timing for Taking Social Security and Discuss Medicare Supplemental Options

Retirement Planning: Gain Knowledge of the Fiscal and Social Effects of Financial Independence as well as How and When to Scale Back on the Risk Taken in Your Portfolio

Estate Planning: Learn the Difference Between Various Legal Documents and How to Set Yourself Up for the Most Possible Comfort and Least Worry at the End of Life

The Financial Services Industry: Understand the Range of Products Being Sold to Consumers So You Can Make Informed Decisions

Learn the Math Involved: Is There a Value to Down-Sizing?  What’s to Gain by Turning a Home into a Rental?  What are Tax Advantages of Snow-Birding?

Ad Hoc Services

Outside of planning or investment management

Review of Insurance and Investment Strategies

Social Security and Medicare Supplement Strategy

Workplace Benefit Questions

Second Opinion on another industry professional’s work.

Creation of a Static Personal Financial Plan without web portal access for ongoing updates

Speaking Engagements for Groups and Classes

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